Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 Ways to Enjoy Peoria to its Fullest

Whether you're a new resident to the Peoria area or planning a vacation, be sure to check out these awesome destinations and enjoy Peoria's unique blend of recreation options.

With a spread of attractions this diverse, there's always something fun for both families and adults. By checking out some of these options, any Peoria experience can be made a wonderful memory maker.

The Peoria Zoo

Young families are sure to enjoy Peoria's local Zoo, complete with zebras, baboons, tigers, giraffes. These and many more exotic animals are present for the astute viewer! And if you want a special look at the Peoria Zoo wildlife, then be sure to check out the Early Bird Tour or the Behind the Scenes Tour! Educational boards at the exhibits and educational tours provide a great source of information on the wild animals, and open daily, the zoo accommodates busy schedules.

Wildlife Prairie State Park

If you enjoy trips to the zoo, then be sure to try the Wildlife Prairie State Park. Just a short drive from Peoria, the Wildlife Prairie State Park offers an incredible display of nature in its true form. There american bison, eastern timber wolves, bald eagles and many other native Illinois roam free, making this a perfect stop for anyone who wants to enjoy Peoria by getting away from the buzz of the city. The park works to rescue and rehabilitate found animals and puts a premium on educating visitors about the fauna surrounding them in Illinois. A must see!

Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway

If beautiful country vistas are more your style then the Illinois River Road National Scenic Byway is a to-die-for destination! Travel alongside the historic waterway track and enjoy Peoria's local beauty; birding and hiking locations are easy stop-offs if you want to do a little trailblazing. Do you enjoy time on the water? Then why not try your hand at fishing or boating? Illinois River Road is classified as a National Scene Byway, making preservation of the area and cite historicity a priority, here's your chance to experience history!

Splashdown Waterpark

Ready for some active fun after viewing these beautiful and exciting sights? Peoria has those too! Splashdown Waterpark has a cool solution to all your wet recreation needs. Kid-sized adventures like the Lily Pad Crossing and the Kid's Sandcastle attraction combined with pulse pounding fun in the Pipeline Tower and Tropical Twister make this an fun filled attraction. Enjoy Peoria in the water!


And after you've explored the area and the water, Kartville offers safe fast paced excitement for everyone! Speed around the track in ground hugging Go-Karts? Check. Play a round or two of 18 hole mini-golf? Whenever you want! Dune buggies and ATVs? Zip and jostle around the outdoor track! Bumper cars? Definitely. These attractions and more await at Kartville, so why wait to enjoy Peoria? Get some fun time on the track and putting green while you're in town!

These and many other attractions make a trip to Peoria a fantastic experience for any and all comers. If you travel through Illinois be sure to stop at this wonderful town and experience its' unique flavor. 

Whether you enjoy beautiful drives from the comfort of your car, experiencing the outdoors and local wildlife, or getting down and dirty with adventures Peoria offers something for everyone and a chance to create memories for a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy Peoria!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Discover Five of the Best Restaurants in Peoria, IL

If you're planning a visit to the beautiful Peoria, Illinois area, then you'll want to know about the best restaurants in the Peoria area. The great thing about Peoria is that the area offers a wide variety of restaurant options that encompass all sorts of foods and cuisines.

Wherever you decide to dine in Peoria, you certainly will have a memorable experience. Below we share with you five of the best restaurants in Peoria, IL.

One World Cafe

One World Cafe is best known for their phenomenal all American subs and sandwiches that really are to die for. This restaurant offers all sorts of dishes and is completely opeto serving gluten free dishes, vegan meals, and food completely child friendly. When at this restaurant, make sure to get their famous Chipotle nachos, as they are savory, crunchy, and super cheesy. They definitely are worth getting regardless of when you go in to dine.

Emack and Bolio's

Emack and Bolio's definitely is a local favorite, with desserts that are literally the best you will ever have. Whether you like chocolate ice cream, coffee, mint, or peanut butter, this restaurant offers all of it and are made with Peoria love. You and your family will definitely enjoy eating at this place for dessert as the ice cream flavors taste awesome and the portion sizes are tremendous.

The Pizza Peel

If your craving for some genuine Illinois pizza, you definitely need to drop by The Pizza Peel. From cheese bread to hot wings, and from fresh garden salads to Meditteranean chicken, this restaurant has everything that you have ever craved for. The prices of each dish is not too shabby, while the crust and chesse just taste outstanding. They truly offer some of the best pizza in Peoria where everything is made to perfection. It definitely is a place you must dine at when at Peoria.

Fish House

Want to eat at a more elegant place with a glorious atmosphere, then the Fish House is definitely where you should go. The food tastes fantastic, the atmosphere is amazing, and the customer service is top notch. Whether you're craving for oysters, shrimp dijon, or crab stuffed mushroom, this restaurant has it and will serve it with superior elegance and style. You will definitely have the time of your life eating some of the best seafood in Peoria at Fish House.

Asia Grill

If your tastes buds are in the mood for a more exotic flavor, try eating at the Asia Grill where everything is made in a traditional Asian way. From lo mein to chicken letuc wraps, and from crab rangoon to kung pao, this restaurant seriously has everything Asian. Everything tastes pleasantly delicious and the price of the food is also not that bad at all.

Finding a great place to dine in at Peoria will certainly not be a problem whatsoever, as there are so many great restaurants to choose from. Because we couldn't quite capture all of them in this post, check back soon for more Peoria area restaurant highlights on the Play in Peoria blog. Also, be sure to visit for a more comprehensive listing of some of the best restaurants in Peoria, IL.