Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Top Choices for Day Spas near Peoria

Top Choices for Day Spas near Peoria Days spas provide a number of services that aim is to improve overall health, relaxation and beauty of individuals via various forms of treatments (e.g. facials and massages.)

Some day spas offer facilities like steam rooms, saunas, foot baths, and whirlpools which differentiate day spas from beauty salons. Some even integrate programs for exercises, wellness instruction, nutrition and dieting - which are all aimed at improving the individuals' well-being.

Peoria happens to be a haven for day spas that offer a wide spectrum of services and treatments

Five Senses Spa & Salon

Five Senses Spa & Salon is one such amazing day spa that is also acclaimed one of the top 200 salons in the nation. Located at the shoppes in Grande Prairie (7719 N Grand Prairie Dr Peoria, IL 61615), Five Senses Spa & Salon is a unique day spa that has a lot to offer for its clientele. Facials, make-up, nail care and art, massages, waxing, and more are all provided in a stunning atmosphere. At this Peoria spa and salon one is guaranteed maximum relaxation from the peaceful soft music and water as you live an amazing moment, the body is rejuvenated as ones senses are aroused especially the sense of smell which is greeted by aromas so soothing as the sense of sight is pampered by warm and beautiful d├ęcor.

Serenity Day Spa

At 3129 N. Prospect is Serenity Day Spa. This spa has a relaxing and warm atmosphere that gives one the much needed relaxation for the mind, body and soul. It offers exceptional services to both men and women that leave them feeling rejuvenated. Amongst the services offered include massage, waxing, facials, manicures & pedicures. There are also packages and monthly offers that leave clients coming back for more.

Natural Concepts Salon & Day Spa

For a spa that will offer full massage, hair salon services such as cuts, coloring conditioning, perm, hair extensions, there is also waxing spa facials, manicures and pedicures, Natural Concepts Salon & Day Spa is the place to be. This day spa which is located at 4701 N University St, Peoria Illinois, believes in the well-being of its guests. It specializes with products made from plants and flowers grown organically that are meant to pamper while the environment remains protected.

Corpo Bello Salon and Day Spa

Corpo Bello Salon and Day Spa which is located at 1703 Candletree Drive Peoria Illinois offers services such as massages, facials and facial peels, luxury treatments, tanning, sugaring and waxing services, enhancements, hair salon services as well as nail art and care. The spa also offers services for spa parties for events such as birthdays, girls' night out, wedding showers, baby showers as well as promotions for events such as weddings. Corpo Bello salon and day spa truly is amazing and people who want to get a feeling of rejuvenation, relaxation and enhanced beauty should put this spa into serious consideration.

Skin Dimensions

Skin Dimensions like the many other recognized excellent day spas offers services such as skin treatments & facials that include treatments that reduce acne facials peels and microdermabrasion. There is also makeup which leaves the skin looking perfect, waxing, nail care, full body massages, waxing and services for men. This spa also offers spa packages that end up being pocket friendly, monthly spa specials as well as gift cards. All of these services are provided by highly trained and experienced staff. Skin Dimensions spa is located at 4909 N Glen Park Pl, Peoria, Illinois.

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