Friday, August 16, 2013

What's Happening in Peoria's Next Door Neighbor: Morton, Illinois

Morton, IL is a small village that's located just outside of the Peoria area. Morton holds a distinguished place in central Illinois' social life because of its unique and marvelous events and festivals. Below we highlight three of those events and what you can expect when visiting each.

Morton Pumpkin Festival

The Morton Pumpkin Festival has flourished with the passage of time since 1967 as a communal event that distinguishes Morton as an ideal place for fun in the whole of Illinois. For about four decades, the festival has served as a social adhesive that reminds the Morton society about their values and the need for social cohesion and integration because it brings together the entire society across the demographics of age, social status, and other factors in the cosmopolitan society.

The Morton Pumpkin Festival was officially established by the Morton Chamber of Commerce in 1967. The festival is usually organized through an elaborate team spirit that consists of nearly 900 volunteers drawn from the business community and the residents. Usually the event lasts between Wednesday and Saturday every year during mid-September. Tickets to certain events to the festival are sold by the Morton Rotary club.

Residents usually look forward to the opportunity to sample the various pumpkin delicacies, which is considered as a key highlight to the event. The varieties of pumpkin delicacies include pumpkin chili, pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin caramel shake, and pumpkin fudge. The food is usually sold by the Morton Masonic Lodge and the money channeled for scholarship reasons.

Morton Holidazzle

The Morton Holidazzle takes place every year starting the month of November. The holiday season is considered with great significance because it offers the visitors the opportunity to explore the various delights in terms of the goods and services. The event often attracts the entire family because it features various attractions that include children sports and adult entertainment.

Past events have seen families converge at the community church to enjoy supper and share in the fun, which is intended to promote bonding and integration of the Morton community. The Morton Holidazzle offers residents the opportunity to shop and enjoy delicacies as the mood of merriment engulfs the entire Morton during the festival.

The series of events that mark the holiday often include the watching of Santa and the witnessing of the lighting of the Tree of Dreams at the Morton Community Foundation. The mood of merry is usually enhanced by the various candles the light the streets that lead to the shops, the centers, church grounds and other important places that hold the festival's significance.

Buying of gifts is one of the most noticeable activities during the festival. The shops usually open for longer hours during the occasion to allow families more time to buy and exchange gifts. The decorations around Morton are usually organized in ways that enhance photo sessions with families, friends, and pets.

Morton BBQ Throwdown

The Morton BBQ Throwdown begins, proceeds, and ends with a carnival mood that offers various treats to adults, the youth, and children in accordance with their diverse tastes. The BBQ demonstrations include some charges that are finally retained within the city for aiding various activities of philanthropic nature. Lovers of entertainment savor the range of various entertainment activities including plays and dances. Pork and ice cream are some of the delicacies that engage the tastes of the residents.

The festivals in Morton allow beer lovers to enjoy their best drinks served with grilled delicacies that range from bush meat to chicken. Some families and friends seize the time and mood of the occasion to organize lavish goat-eating ceremonies that last for the entire period of the festival. The beauty of the occasion is complimented by face painting and the colorful display of balloons at the gates of residential places, shopping centers, and the various social places. The Morton BBQ Throwdown is one of the festivals in Morton that define the tradition of unity and the strong sense of social responsibility among the residents.

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