Thursday, January 9, 2014

Facet Tech: Helping Businesses Keep the Play in Peoria with Advanced Technology

Ranging from big screen theater entertainment to the computers that communicate espresso orders, in the modern world of business practically everything is done with computer-based technology.

Facet Tech is a unique company that helps the businesses of the Peoria Area with their technology needs. Whether it's implementing new servers to support school computer network or a security solution for pre-established network, Facet Tech helps all types of organization manage and maintain their technology-based systems. The company offers a wealth of services ranging from long-term IT consulting programs to one-time practical assistance when needed. Facet has earned certifications in many well-recognized tech brands, such as Lenovo, Intel and Cisco, and their long term partnerships have gained them a stellar reputation as an IT support solution in Peoria and throughout IL.

A Focus on Small to Medium Sized Businesses 

The business IT support offered by Facet Tech allow small and medium business owners throughout central Illinois to receive specialized IT support for their employees or complete staffing solutions. Facet values the importance of experience and training, as they staff only the highest qualified professionals to handle their business IT support services.

Facet Tech is no stranger to the IT support industry, as they have established a great deal of experience in the industry since their founding. The sheer amount of IT services available to business owners is vast, but merely naming a few features is enough to show just how serious Facet is about their business.

Facet organizes staff rotation to allow for 24/7 support, sets up spam filtering systems for a 98% decrease in spam emails, configures special Cisco equipment to protect networks from malicious attacks, has trained more than several thousand employees in basic computer usage, Microsoft Office, computer hardware and more. With the aforementioned features being only a small portion of the services offered by Facet Tech, it's easy to understand how they earned their reputation as specialists in IT support.

Ensuring Data is Backed-up, Secure, & Protected

With so much information being stored digitally, data loss is a major concern for any business that handles sensitive and important information. In the event of a disaster or cyber-attack, Facet Tech will have already ensured that all network data was securely backed up. Facet also collects network data for security services, storage and protection. With regularly scheduled data backup dates, users will always have access to their most recent files if the file backups are ever required. During these backup sessions, technicians ensure that all data is safe and secure.

As the internet continues to expand, businesses depend more and more on technology. That's why the IT consulting services offered by Facet Tech are so helpful to business owners, as customer service and efficient marketing become much easier when technological experts are always on call. At Facet Tech, IT consultation allows business owners to receive a specially crafted IT strategy specific to their needs and expectations.

Facet is a trustworthy option for business owners looking to enhance the security of their servers and networks, as they provide network security solutions for even the most advanced computer networks. Facet understands that data security is of utmost importance and always professionally handles all security loopholes and malicious attacks. Defense against viruses, malware and spam are crucial when protecting sensitive employee or customer data, so Facet employs only the most certified network engineers to equip business with the highest security hardware and software to give business owners, employees and customers confidence that their information is safe from theft.

To learn more about Facet Tech, you can visit their website at, or visit the store's location at:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court St.
Pekin, IL 61554
(309) 353-4727

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Best Solution for iPod, Video Game, & Computer Repair in the Peoria Area

When it comes to finding the right company in Peoria, IL for repairing and maintaining your computer(s), time is of the essence. Whether for business or personal use, a malfunctioning computer system has the ability to maim productivity, and possibly result in huge loss of revenue.

To ensure your productivity is sustained and not too much time is not lost, you need a trusted computer expert that has the ability to efficiently resolve a depth of issues in the quickest possible time. Nerds On Call is perhaps one of the best solutions for remote and on-site computer repair services in Peoria and throughout the central Illinois area.

The team at Nerds On Call is known for their quick response time and affordable rates. The Peoria computer repair experts at the company not only repair desktops, laptops, and various other devices, but can also provide solutions for broken video game consoles and iPods.

The Peoria computer repair team at Nerds On Call is highly trained and certified professionals who are dedicated to provide the fastest and practical solutions to resolve any computer related issue. Nerds On Call has years of experience in providing high quality services to many business and residential customers all across central Illinois.

Their list of satisfied business customers includes the Weaver Ridge Golf Club, Excalibur Seasoning, The Unland Company, Online Innovative Creations and many more. With a wide range technology partners such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Toshiba, Apple, Cisco, HP and Intel, you can rest assured that the Peoira-based company is well equipped to provide the quickest solutions for even the most complex issues.

Why Local is Better for Remote Services?

When remote services are needed, a quick and efficient solution is key. Calling the technical support line of your computer's manufacturer can lead to hours of wasted time and energy. The calls are often routed to foreign countries and agents there take hours just to detect the problem, let alone solve it. On top of that, they do not provide support for things that does not fall under their periphery of service which leads to several call transfers and wastage of some more time.

Don't waste your time calling several different departments and companies without even beginning to solve the issue at hand. This is where the remote services of Nerds On Call comes handy, they are one stop shop for all your computer related repair needs and can often trouble shoot malicious software issues and virus removal all online (depending on the severity of the issue.) The experts at Nerds On Call value your time and quickly reaches your doorstep providing quality service when you need it the most.

A Unique Offering of Services 

Nerds On Call provides a wide range of service for PC computer repair in Peoria and throughout central Illinois. This includes both remote and on-site repair of most PC and laptop brands, in addition to providing repair services for iPods and video gaming consoles. Their services also includes complete virus removal solutions and installing anti-virus software for clients. Nerds On Call also provide valuable technical advice to customers about technologies and hardware that can help increase productivity and performance. Apart from their repair services Nerds On Call is also a trusted name in selling high quality computers and hardware components.

Serving Peoria and Many Other Areas in Central Illinois

As part of the Facet Technologies, Inc. family of companies, Nerds On Call has five conveniently located stores all throughout central Illinois. This means apart from calling for on-site or remote computer repair service, you can even choose to walk in and get your device fixed. The Nerds On Call stores are located in Peoria, Bloomington, Peru, Pekin, and Farmington and they provide on-site services in central Illinois area.