Thursday, March 13, 2014

5 Creative & Healthy Senior-friendly Acritives in the Peoria Community

Seniors in Peoria, Illinois can participate in a wide range of recreational activities that stimulate the mind and strengthen the body. So think outside of the box of typical senior-friendly activities, and start thriving. Below we share five creative and healthy ideas for seniors in the Peoria communities.

Participate in a Hands-On Workshop or a Field Trip

The best way to stay sharp is to challenge yourself by learning something new every day. The University of Illinois Extension has urban and rural programs that provide senior citizens with the opportunity to participate in field days and hands-on workshops.

These activities are ideal for people who want to broaden the skills that they have in a particular area or achieve a lifelong educational goal. Participants will be able to earn credits in areas such as business and the environment. The Department on Aging Senior Hotline can provide interested persons with more information.

Take a Road Scholar Tour

The Road Scholar of Illinois is another program that was designed to make learning more interesting by introducing concepts via tours and social events. Each tour is developed by Elderhostel, Inc. Lifelong learners who also have an interest in traveling can merge these two hobbies when they participate in Road Scholar Tours.

Catalogs are available for free and the tours allow you to explore many different parts of Peoria and the wider state of Illinois. Whether you go on hikes in the country or other activities, these tours allow you to have a lot of fun and learn at the same time.

Visit the Local Farmer's Market or a Nice Restaurant

Farmer's Markets in Peoria, Illinois offer discounts to qualified individuals who are retired and/or over a certain age. Many different restaurants in Peoria offer special discounts for seniors, so take advantage of these deals and enjoy a great meal with your friends and family. Social stimulation is a great way to keep the mind engaged and happy.

Explore Peoria with a Ride Free Card

Explore Peoria by bus, for free with a Ride Free transit card. This card makes you eligible to take a journey to your destination via fixed-route transit systems for free and is available once you qualify for Benefit Access. Visit the Heart of Illinois fair, or John C. Flanagan House Museum. Go for a picnic with a friend or family in the Jubilee College State Park or Wildlife Prairie State Park. If you prefer driving, you can also get a discount on your license plate once your Benefit Access application is approved.

Relax on the Peoria Waterfront

The Peoria Waterfront is filled with attractions for people of all ages. A number of eateries are there and you can also enjoy a variety of entertainment options such as Constitution Gardens and the Caterpillar Visitors Center. The Waterfront is also the home of the Hive, an art studio and gallery offering art classes, girls night out and art parties for people of all ages.

Many local retirement communities in Peoria, IL offer fun and exciting events and programs that non-members can enjoy. Spanning from golfing and hiking outings to game nights, the options for excitement and social interaction are plentiful in the Peoria Area.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Best Rated Hair Salons in Peoria, IL

For some individuals (particularly women), a visit to the local hair salon is fun and exciting endeavor. Creative hair styling, trims, and highlights are just basics of a good experience. What makes visiting top-notch hair salons even more inviting are scalp and neck massages, trying out new products, and chocolate fountains. (Yes, that's right - chocolate fountains.)

The Peoria area boasts a great selection of hair salons. So whether your just visiting or are a local to the area, below we showcase the best rated hair salons in Peoria, IL

Five Senses Spa and Salon

Five Senses Spa and Salon
7719 N Grand Prairie Dr
Peoria, IL 61615
(309) 693-7719

Arguably one of the best day spas and hair salons Peoria, IL, Five Senses Spa and Salon provides an extensive array of services. From Swedish massages and facials to full-color highlights and pedicures, Five Senses Spa and Salon offers it all. Guests are pampered with full-service amenities, including the every-popular chocolate fountain. Before you visit other hair salons in Peoria, IL, we highly suggested checking out Five Senses Spa and Salon.

Victoria & Elizabeth Studio

Victoria & Elizabeth Studio
4224 N Brandywine Dr
Peoria, IL 61614
(309) 682-7765

Also well known for offering a number of services ranging from hair and nails to massage treatments, Victoria & Elizabeth Studio is reputable high-end salon in Peoria, IL. The salon's ambiance offers guests a relaxing and spa-like experience. Victoria & Elizabeth Studio is also know to offer great pricing on a variety of salon services.

Pure Bliss Hair Studio and Day Spa

Pure Bliss Hair Studio And Day Spa
624 W Glen Ave
Peoria, IL 61614 
(309) 682-7765
Although not as elaborate as the latter two hair salons in Peoria, IL, Pure Bliss Hair Studio And Day Spa has reputation for professional services and great quality outcomes. In addition to having a loyal customer base, this Peoria hair salon also accepts visitors looking for a great cut. Pure Bliss Hair Studio And Day Spa caters to men, women, and kids.

Do you know of any top-rated hair salons in Peoria, IL? Please, share them in the comments section below!