Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 Things To Do for Seniors in the Peoria Community

Peoria, Illinois is a wonderful senior-friendly city with many great activities and places for socialization and entertainment. For many seniors, the day can be quite boring with nothing to do.

Fortunately, the Peoria area offers plenty of senior-friendly activities and events spanning from sports and athletics to arts and edibles.

In this post, we share five great options for senior-friendly activities in Peoria, IL.

1. A Hundred Acres Orchard and Market

Located in Princeton, Illinois, A Hundred Acres Orchard and Market is a fun-filled orchard that offers a wide variety of fruits, candles, jams, butters, syrups, and other tasty treats for your visitation. Great for seniors and families, there a numerous activities for all ages. Adults can taste and purchase local wines from August Hill, Illinois River, and Kickapoo Creek wineries. With its recent addition of two more patios, this orchard is a great place to visit!

2. Peoria Zoo Tours

The Peoria Zoo is open daily from 10AM to 5PM. Seniors are able to visit the zoo proper, as well as take a wide variety of guided tours. These tours include simple guided tours and classes, as well as overnight tours, behind-the-scenes specialty tours, and night time tours that introduce you to the darker side of the zoo-- literally! The night tours are between 7 PM and 9 PM and include discussions of the zoo's night dwelling denizens and other things that go on at night.

3. World on Wheels Segway Tours

World on Wheels is Peoria's only Segway and Quadracycle tours. They offer 30 minute, one hour, and two hour guided explorations of the area. The tour begins at the RiverFront and continues down it, introducing you to historical information, modern day facts, photo ops, unique stories, and great personal stories and services from your guide. The Segway is ideal for senior recreation, as it is self-balancing and allows you to move along with low stress and much fun! Visit Word on Wheels Peoria to learn more.

4. The Heart of Illinois Senior Games and Arts

Born in 1999 after the Illinois State Senior Olympics, the Heart of Illinois Senior Games and the Arts aims to recognize and encourage individuals and groups in their creative and athletic excellence. As a great way to join the senior community of Peoria, IL aim to create a spirit of camaraderie among everyone that attends and participates. You can participate in anything from a footrace all the way to an arts and crafts fair and presentation. There is truly something for everyone. click here to learn more about how to participate in the Heart of Illinois Senior Games and Arts.

5. Life at the Five Spot

Life at the Five Spot is a great activity to relax and unwind with friends every Friday in Peoria, IL from 5:30 to 7:30 PM. Located at the Contemporary Art Center, you will be able to dance and groove to some of the hottest local bands, playing everything from smooth jazz to pop and rock. While food is not provided, you are welcome to bring your own food to the dance. If you're someone that really wants to dance the night away, you can move on to the Rhythm Kitchen at 8 PM for better tunes and more relaxation with your friends.

We have gathered five of the best activities for seniors in Peoria, but don't worry that those are not the only things to do. Peoria has a huge park system, as well as many museums and art facilities where you can take classes any day of the week. Peoria is excellent area also have several seasonal festivals that offer great chances for outings, explorations, and chances to stay active. Don't worry about being bored, there is more than enough to keep you busy in Peoria!

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