Thursday, May 29, 2014

5 Travel Activities When Visiting Peoria, IL

Welcome to Peoria, a small but diverse metropolitan city in central Illinois which brings together natural beauty and splendor. Peoria, IL has a lot of activities to offer both families and couples.

The Peoria area offers the ideal location for a memorable weekend getaway, from hiking trails and sporting events to premier dining and world-class cultural events. If you're planning to explore the city over the weekend, then below are some of the hot spots and activities you may want to consider when traveling to Peoria. 

Go Hiking at The Wildlife Prairie State Park

Nested on the west of Peoria, this is a magnificent natural prairie park with immense wildlife enclosures. Some of the animals found in the park include buffaloes, small prairie animals, elks and wolves as well as bears.

In addition, the park has a zoo-like building which houses snakes and amphibians, a general store gift shop, a one room school house and decommissioned cabooses. There are interpreters throughout the park and you can spend the night in one of their overnight lodging cabins as well.

Explore Peoria's History at the Wheel O’ Time Museum

It’s certainly worth visiting this eccentric local museum that offers a lot of activities and things to do for you and your family members. Located on the North of the city, the Wheel O’ Time features a myriad of activities that have to do with gear and wheels including, clocks, classic cars, old washing machines, carnival machines, a train and much more.

Most of the equipment is classic and old fashioned. The barbershop quartet which features bear faces of all former United States Presidents is a major attraction that should not be missed.

Absorb the Creativity of the Lake View Museum

This is Peoria's regional museum, highlighting art and science, with rotating galleries that are replaced after every few months. The regional folk art collection is particularly incredible. The pottery of Picasso and the large Ansel Adams exhibit are some of the latest exhibits. The museum doubles up as a learning institution with visitors having a chance to learn one or two facts about the artifacts on display.

You have an option of taking pleasure in their daily Planetarium shows too. It is expected that the Lake View Museum will relocate to a new, larger facility in the near future to cater for the ever growing number of visitors.

Dine Out at Alexander's Steakhouse

If you want to sample Peoria’s culinary delights, then you’re better off paying a visit to the Alexander's Statehouse where you can choose your own steak from the fridge and grill it for yourself or allow the chef to do it for you. Be sure to sample their illustrious Skillet Cookie dessert which is a fresh made chocolate chip cookie, topped with ice cream, toasted almonds or whip cream.

You can try the cheesecake or ice creams as well or simply head to the bar for some wine, beer or soft drinks. This is the ideal steakhouse restaurant in Peoria, IL to visit with family or partner especially if you want to enjoy steak grilled in your own way.

Pamper Yourself at Five Senses Spa and Salon

If you're visiting Peoria as couple, one of the best ways you can unwind is by paying a visit to Five Senses Spa and Salon. Recognized as one of the top spas and salons in the nation, guests can enjoy a wide range of spa services, including massages, facials, nails, hair and beauty packages.

From deep-tissue massages to Swedish relaxation massages, you get the best in the business as this Peoria day spa. Five Senses Spa and Salon also offers packages for bundled services or large groups.

Peoria has everything for everyone despite its relatively small size. With literally hundreds of Peoria attractions and things to do, the city is certainly an amazing spectacle. While these are not the only places you can tour during the weekend, they will get you started in discovering what Peoria has to offer.

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