Monday, June 9, 2014

A Look At The Best Bike Trails in Central Illinois

When in Central Illinois ,there are several outdoor activities that you could take part in during your stay there. Bike trails are a major attraction for nature lovers who love biking as well as enjoying what nature has to offer.

There are so many different trails in Illinois and the following are some of the best trails for biking the next time you visit the area.

Spring Lake Park, Macomb Illinois

Spring Lake Park hosts a 10 mile single track consists of three different trails i.e. rat, fox and deer. The Fox trails start from the southern side of the dam, it is a fun and short loop back to where you started. After crossing the dam you get to the start of the fox/deer trail and there are signs to direct you. The trails appear tight in some areas with several log piles, ladder bridges and a teeter-totter. It is a very challenging track as the hills keep on coming.

Black Partridge Park, Metamora Illinois

The Black Partridge Park hosts another great biking trail that consists of several trails, you can access the other trails by following the signs on trail number 3. Trail number 4 has an easy and nice climb and the way back is downhill. This park is considered to hold the key to the future in Peoria mountain biking. Major group rides and Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association (PAMBA) workdays are held in this particular bike trails.

Morton Community Bikeway

As of the primary bike trails in Morton, IL, the Morton Community Bikeway is open for public use throughout the year as long as the weather permits. The trail is 2 miles long starting on the corner of Jefferson, Detroit and Jackson streets and extends up to East Peoria in the west before connecting to Fon-Du-Lac River trail. Dogs are allowed in this trail but need to be put on a leash and owners need to pick after them.

Wildlife Prairie State Park, Edwards Illinois

The Wildlife Prairie State Park is full of trails, many of which offer some of the best riding in central Illinois. When you get to this park, parking is done on the open field across the entrance of the park. The trail is awesome as it offers riders with a great section for technical trails. It also has a rocky terrain that brings the feeling or experience of riding in the mountains. The trail is a single track that is approximately 5 miles long.

Farmdale Reservoir Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trail, East Peoria Illinois

It is a single track found in Peoria area and it stretches for 18 miles. It contains fire roads that are open and a tight and technical single track that has man-made obstacles as well as stunts. For more information about the Farmdale Reservoir Recreation Area Mountain Bike Trail, and other great bike trails in the Peoria and central Illinois area, check out the website of the Peoria Area Mountain Bike Association.

The parks above offer some of the great bike trails available in the Central Illinois area. They are great to explore by planning to go biking in them when you visit the area. You will be able to enjoy the best of nature and have fun biking in the different type of terrains.

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