Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where to Visit in the Village of Morton, Illinois

The village of Morton, IL is located in the northern region of central Illinois. Most of the village consists of residential houses, several commercial business, and a natural preserve. If your passing through the area, or visiting Morton, below are a few cool and interesting places to check out.

Get in Touch With Nature

One of the places to visit is the Cook County Forest Preserve, which occupies about twenty percent of the land. The preserve has a forest, stream, lakes and wetlands, which are protected by the government for recreation. Unlike most natural reserves that have been rehabilitated for human recreational facilities such tennis or basketball courts, the County Forest Preserves has hiking and bike riding trails that you can enjoy with friends.

The park is also a great place for picnicking under the trees and in the open areas. It is one place you can have a lot of fun doing group and family activities. The preserve is home to variety of wild animals in the Brookfield zoo located inside the forest area. The location of the zoo is strategically located so as to make it look more friendly to the animals and to give an impression of visiting an actual wild life habitat in the forest.

Enjoy a Good Bite to Eat

While you are at the village of Morton, you can check out some of the well known restaurants around such as Eli’s cafĂ©. Other than the great coffee and cupcakes among other treats that you can get at Eli’s, the restaurant has a comfy serene atmosphere for relaxation.

Another great restaurant you should visit is the Maxine’s. At Maxine’s you can enjoy wide variety of the local dishes that are in season at the time. This means that you can rarely find the same menu throughout the year. In order to give you an unforgettable experience, they will serve you they same food in three servings, all prepared with different flavorings.

Scope Out Some Notable Businesses

The village of Morton, IL is home to many notable businesses in which you can take tours, such as Neovia logistics (which was formerly Caterpillar Logistics Services). Neovia provides industrial solutions for aerospace engineering, automotive, chemical, energy, mining, technology among others. It is among the leading logistics company that contracts all around the world.

You can visit Neovia Logistics in Morton Illinois and experience the creation and working behind major industry drivers in the economy. The company focuses on providing the best quality and setting the highest standards in the industry. Among the things have made it what it is, is the ability to adjust to the ever changing technologic and economic needs.

Also worth checking out is Libby's Pumpkin in Morton, IL, a company within the Nestle corporation family of businesses. Here you can see where 80% of the world's canned pumpkin comes from, which is why Morton, IL is named the pumpkin capital of the world.

Core Construction is another place that you can visit while in Morton, IL. Core Constructionis one of the fast growing construction companies in Illinois that provide architectural and engineering services mainly for commercial buildings.

They also do rehabilitation and restoration to old age buildings that are been worn out and unused for years. The firm hires highly qualified contractors and focus on customer service that are given the task of overlooking and ensuring smooth completion of every facility they undertake to build despite the size. At Morton, IL you will enjoying your time out away from home.


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