Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Top Nail Salons in Peoria For Manicures and Pedicures

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It’s a cliché we’ve heard all the time, but it does make sense when it comes to nails.

If good nail treatment is what you're looking for,then you need to visit some of these local spas and salons in Peoria, IL. They will help keep you looking beautiful from head to toe - and when we say toe, we mean a nice, long and relaxing pedicure that will leave you feeling fresh and looking beautiful.

Lynn Nail

If you rather skip all that pampering and go straight to having nails that your sister will be jealous of, I have great option for you. Have you tried Lynn Nail in Peoria? If you haven’t then you had better head down there right now. These guys aren’t playing folks. Being a salon that it is, they have other services offered here.

I’m talking about Herbal Mineral bath to condition and nurture your skin, Liquid Body Lufa to exfoliate and revitalize your beautiful skin, Ice Dancer to revive those tired and achy legs before your pedicure. Speaking of Pedicure, these personnel have traveled all over the world to keep legs looking young, supple and your nails looking like a work of art. I mean Sole Solution Foot Treatment, Baobab Body Butter name it, Lynn Nails has it all. Interested in heading there right now? Here is their address Lynn Nails, 116 Granite Shopping Center- Westerly, RI , Call them at (401) 596-3151

Five Senses Spa and Salon

The name itself tells you what they are all about - pleasing all five senses. Just entering the spa, your nerves get calmed by these sweet scents and aromas filling the air accompanied by tantalizing music caressing your ears. The personnel at this popular nail salon in Peoria take the terms sit down and relax very seriously.

Five Senses Spa and Salon offers all kinds of beauty and relaxation services from massages to towel treatments, facial scrubbing and makeup, but let’s not forget about the nails. Their Nail Salon services are to die for whether you are time strained or have all the time in the world. Aside from nail trimming, extension and nail art, other nail treatments such as Paraffin wax dip, pedicures, and soothing specialty is also offered here.

Men also get similar treatment but focuses more on buffing their nails (you know, to make them look all manly’) with complementary hand and foot massages. Speaking of complimentary, you will get a complimentary chocolate just for walking into that spa… about pampering all five senses. Five Senses Spa and Salon is located at 7719 N Grand Prairie Dr. in Peoria, IL, and their phone number is (309)6993-7719.

Metropolitan Nail Bar

Metropolitan Nail Bar is also among the best nail salons you should check in Peoria and it's all about sophistication. The look itself is all 1960 Modish. I’m talking about bright red retro love seats at the reception, cushy camel benches on the wall and the spa? Worth a pause. Black lights dapple patches bring out an electric glow.

If that is not smooth enough for you, I do not know what is. They have a flat screen T.V to entertain guests and the personnel there will make you feel like the V.I.P that you truly are. Enough about that, let’s talk about nails. Their manicures and cock tail-themed pedicures come with massages and hot-towel wraps. If you have time (I know you will once you get there) you can get some foot reflexology and acupuncture foot treatments for free, and the nail art is not bad either.

These people understand art so much so that they recently released their new line of nail polish which is on sale at your local mall. Need I say more?

Do you have a favorite nail salon in Peoria, IL? Let us know in the comments section below!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peoria Area Massage Retreat: Top Places to Relax and Unwind

There's no shortage of top-quality spas and massage centers in the Peoria area and surrounding Illinois cities. Whether you are a central Illinois resident or simply passing through, here we share some of the most popular and highly-rated massage and relaxation retreats you'll find worthy of visiting.


Five Senses Spa and Salon is an elegant sap to spend an hour to unwind - or a day, for that matter. This well-known Peoria spa and hair salon has become the premier local business of its kind in the greater Peoria area. When it comes to massage, Five Senses Spa and Salon offers a wealth of options. The overall experience is amazing - but that is for you to decide. They also offer a wide range of services, spanning from hair and nails to make-up and facials.

Skin Dimensions is another excellent spa in Peoria to consider. This is a full-service spa offering massage therapy, facials, manicures, pedicures as well as hair salon services. You'll look better and you'll feel better following a visit. Let the friendly and helpful staff help to relieve you of your stress, particularly during those shopping trips that can sometimes test your nerves to the limit.


N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington can be a little hard to find. It is tucked away in a quiet spot on E College Avenue. The atmosphere is not that of a 'big name' spa although you’ll find N8 Touch Massage on Angie's List. The atmosphere is both warm and modern, two things that don't always fit well together, but Bloomington's N8 Touch Massage happens to be an exception. You can get a regular massage, a deep tissue massage, a Swedish massage or a special therapeutic massage if that is what you need. The staff is warm, friendly, and as knowledgeable as you'll find anywhere.

Lotus Organics Day Spa and Wellness is also tucked away. Lotus organics is not a full-service spa and massage center but is worth mentioning in that it offers superior service if you are looking for a facial or a facial massage. As the name implies, Lotus Organics does not use chemicals with supposedly magical properties. Everything that touches your skin, besides fingers, consists wholly of organic materials.

Champagne Urbana

Spa Envy and Salon has received a ton of favorable reviews. Entrance is not through a spacious, glassed-in passageway. Spa Envy's home is a converted brick house. Instead of bedrooms, there's a room for manicures, one for pedicures, one for waxing, and so on. Reservations are not required, but this is a popular salon and reserving a spot ahead of time is recommended. Don't forget hair styling. That is just one more of Spa Envy's specialties.


Springfield has a number of fine spa and massage establishments. If you have a notion to try something a little different, something that might make you feel better than you thought was possible, pay a visit to Springfield Asian Massage.

While you might decide to stick with a Swedish massage, it's suggested you subject yourself to one of the Asian specialties, such as a hot stone massage, a Thai massage, Shiatsu, or a Chinese deep tissue massage. Chances are you will come away feeling quite different, and that different feeling will be a good one.

Have you had an exceptional massage experience in the Peoria Area? Let us know in the comments below!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Visiting Morton in the Fall: Pumpkin Festival, Trails & Outdoor Fun

Welcome to Morton, Illinois, a progressive, fast growing community that is nested midway between Peoria and Bloomington-Normal. With an estimated population of about 17,000 residents, Morton is a place of tranquility where natural beauty meets splendor. If you’re in the quest for a memorable Fall season this year, you might consider visiting Morton for an experience like no other.

Below is a look at some of the best places to visit and activities to indulge in when visiting this exemplary Midwestern town in beautiful central Illinois.

The Morton Pumpkin Festival

Also going by the name the Pumpkin Capital of the World, Morton is well known for its Pumpkin Festival held each year. Be ready to take part in a fun filled event that spans a whole week with family friendly attractions and a variety of pumpkin themed competitions and activities. For complete info on the Morton Pumpkin Festival, visit

While there are dozens upon dozens of activities during the Morton Pumpkin Festival, a few stand out among main attractions year after year other than the sight of dazzling orange balloons being released into the air at the opening ceremony. Other activities include the Pumpkin Business Expo and the Craft Faire. During the, Morton Pumpkin Festival, you can also take part in the 10 Kilometer Pumpkin Classic Marathon, the Soapbox Derby and play some tennis while you’re at it.

The North Branch Trail

A section of the 20 Mile North Branch Trails finds its way through the Linne Woods on Morton Groove. So extensive is the hiking and biking trails that it goes all the way to downtown Chicago, following the North Branch of the Chicago River.

Trails will take you through eight miles of thick deciduous forest and a length of open paddocks full of cosseted prairie plants. The trail is perfect for bird watching, with species like indigo buntings, warblers and scarlet tanagers being easily visible from below.

Also for the bicyclist, Morton supports a number of great bike trails. Found outside the community in the forest or within the village district for commuting and recreation, bike trails in Morton cater to a wide range of cyclists.

The Austin, Harrer, and the Frank Hren Discovery Parks

Lying on a 5 acre piece of land, the Austin Park features a 0.26 mile walking trail, playground, sandy volleyball court, a basketball court and a softball field effectively giving you a host of activities to engage in during the Fall.

Another Park you can pay a visit to is the Harrer Park which offers a swimming pool, tennis court and a 0.23 Mile walking park. The eight acre Frank Hren Park gives you a chance to take pleasure at the sights of plants that used to thrive in the Morton area. The Park boasts of a Prairie Nature Reserve park in addition to a 0.4 Mile walking path.

That’s not all there is to Morton. Other places worth checking out include the Morton Groove Historical Museum and Education Center nested in Harrer Park, the Prairie View Park and the Glen Groove Equestrian Center. For complete information on Morton area parks, visit

Morton has a lot to offer if you love the nature and its beauty. All these attractions and entertainment opportunities make this town a wonderful place to visit during the Fall season. Be sure to do some inquiries on the best hours of the day to visit; you certainly want to get the most of your time and visit. With this information, it’s time to contemplate on making Morton your next stop this year, isn't it?