Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Awesome Holiday Activities in the Peoria Area to Enjoy With the Family

The holiday spirit has finally checked-in and what better way to celebrate the season than share in some great family activities in the Peoria Area. Around this year, central Illinois is abuzz with lots of families and holiday season tourists flowing in to enjoy some of the major events held annually to commemorate tradition or give the holiday season a touch of fun.

Peoria is the kind of place to continue a holiday tradition or start a new one and here are five activities to make sure you do just that.

Go Candy Cane Hunting

Kids will love this sort of fun that happens at Charter Oak Park or Glen Oak Park. Around holiday time, some mystery person leaves traces of hidden candy all over the park for kids to hunt and fill their bags with goodies.

The parks are normally divided in two sections, the first area for kids aged 3 to 5 years and the other area for kids aged 6 to 10 years. Allowing kids to have their own Treasure Island adventure right at the heart of Peoria is the best gift to give them this festive season.

Riverplex Holiday Camp

The Riverplex Holiday Camp is a secluded area of pure bliss and fun. Ideal for kids aged between 5 to 12 years, the camp is parked with lots of activities that include art and craft, sports games, ball and board games and so much more. Adults can join the kids in the fun unwinding the holiday in an adrenaline parked adventure. Snacks and drinks are available at the camp as well. See more from the Riverplex and Peoria's Parks by visiting's holiday line-up.

Spirit of Peoria Dinner Cruise Show

Fancy a finger-licking buffet served on one of the top cruises in Peoria? The Spirit of Peoria Dinner Cruise Show is the place to be with your entire family. The 2 hour cruise package includes talented performance from Peoria's finest folklore theater and a chance to whet your culinary delights over some of the best delicacies made in town. There is a bar on board as well to enjoy some drinks after a hearty dinner.

Find Action in the Village of Morton

Morton is said to be one of the best places to work, live and raise a family as well. It is also a great holiday spot where you can make your own festive memories. Whenever the Holidazzle Celebration begins, the village is always a buzz with activity and celebration. Join the locals in commemorating the Christmas Tree Lighting festival.

You can also take a stroll with family along candle-lit paths and raid the local shops for souvenirs. In between you can enjoy some delicious pretzel served with hot cocoa before the great chili supper in the evening. Scope out the Holidazzle open house details for more information on what's going on now in Morton, Illinois

The Great Pretoria Farm Show

This is the largest farm show in Illinois exhibiting the finest in both plant and animal farming. A perfectly safe place to be with your entire family, the Great Pretoria farm show occupies over 150,000sq feet of agricultural stands from over 350 companies in Illinois. After a day of interacting with various agricultural producers, you and family can later on have a hearty lunch at the Arena Club known for its famous Alwan Meat.

The Peoria Area in Illinois is the perfect holiday destination to make new memories or rekindle old ones. With many activities to indulge together with family, you will never run out of fun and new things to discover in the town.