Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Products & Services Offered at Nerds on Call of Central Illinois

nerds on call peoria ilWhile you might be familiar with Nerds on Call of central Illinois, you might not realize just how many awesome products and services they offer.

While they're best known for their wide range of computer/IT support, repair, sales and service, Nerds on Call also offers expertise in a number of other areas, including custom-built computers, home automation, and home audio systems.

Home Automation System 

home automation peoria il
The future of home living is automation and Nerds on Call can help guide you. Nerds on Call offers a one-touch home automation system that can control everything in your house from the thermostat to the audio system. There are a growing number of ways you can remotely control and secure your home and it can be a daunting task trying to figure it all out.

Nerds on Call can help you choose the best unit for you and we'll even take care of the installation. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy this fun way to control your home and your environment.

Custom Home Audio

home audio peoria il
We live in a world where streaming music is the way many people listen to audio. Nerds on Call can help you reach home audio nirvana with a Sonos Wireless HiFi System.

With Sonos home audio systems, you can stream from any source to any room in your home with a quality you won't believe. You can use the app to choose and control any number of home audio sources and the wireless system delivers a high-fidelity sound.

Custom-Built Computers

Many individuals familiar with Nerds on Call are under the impression that the company provides only computer repair and basic IT services. Now, the Peoria-based company is becoming recognized as a trusted local supplier of custom-built computers.
computers peoria il

Nerds on Call offers many options when it comes to computer sales, and many gamers, creatives, and other business professionals can depend on the computer wizards of Nerds on Call for custom-built computers in Peoria, IL.

iPod & Video Game Repair

Nerds on Call is known for their computer repair expertise, but they also offer repair service for iPads as well as the best-selling video game consoles. They repair all models of the iPod touch, from the 1st to 4th Gen models.

The Peoria company can give you an estimate of what the repairs will cost and help you determine if your iPod is worth saving. It's the same situation with your video game consoles, including the Sony Playstation, Microsoft X-Box or Nintendo Wii U. Each console has its own challenges and the experts at Nerds on Call can handle any of them.

Computer Services & Virus Removal

Sadly, one of the most common problems faced by anyone who is on the Internet is dealing with a virus or Trojan. No matter how careful you might be, these nasty little snippets of software can get into your desktop or laptop computer and slow it down, delete files or even delete the entire hard drive.

Even better, nerds on call can often take care of the problem remotely, so that you don't have to bring in your affected computer. And once it's clean and protected, nerds on call can install the newest in anti-virus software to protect you in the future.

Nerds on call also offers computer optimization services. Is your desktop or laptop running slow? Does it take forever to load or do you find yourself getting error messages that you can't fix? Nerds on call'll optimize your computer so its running like new and help you protect it so you won't have problems in the future.

Nerds on call has expertise in both Windows and Apple computing environments and can handle just about any type of technology you have in your home or business.

For more information about Nerds on Call of central Illinois, contact the Peoria location below, or view all of their locations at

Nerds on Call
4906 N. University
Peoria, IL 61614
(309) 689-3900

Friday, November 6, 2015

Top 3 Home Mortgage Lenders in Peoria, IL

Many people are looking for reliable and affordable options to buy a home in the Peoria and central Illinois area. However, finding a home mortgage lender you can trust can be a daunting task since there are so many lenders to choose from.

For this reason, it is important look for reputable home mortgage lenders with solid credibility and experience in mortgages and related loan programs. While the Peoria area hosts several remarkable banks that specialize in home loans, there are a few that stand out from the rest.

Hometown Community Banks

This is one of the most reputable banks in the Peoria and central Illinois area that offers the best programs, including personalized lending services, a variety of credit programs, new checking accounts, as well as home mortgage and equity loans.

Hometown Community Banks has numerous branches in central Illinois, making this lending institution a popular choice among area residents and businesses. Many homeowners trust this bank for a number of reasons, including being a local lender for different types of loans, especially mortgages. In addition, the bank provides a variety of mortgage options for different people, and they can give you a prequalification letter that will enable you to purchase property at the end of the day.

The interest rates are competitive, and the specialists of Hometown Community Banks are ready to help you make an informed decision. The bank also offers a home equity loan, which is a good remedy, especially if your borrowing need is a one time event. Additionally, the bank offers a special loan program that will help you buy a home in a rural community.

The corporate headquarters of Hometown Community Banks is located at 721 West Jackson Street, Morton, IL 61550 (Phone:309-266-5337), but you can also visit the following Peoria, IL branches for mortgage lending services:

Peoria Community Bank
6907 N. Knoxville
Peoria, IL 61614
(309) 690-7100

Peoria Community Bank
4730 N. University St.
Peoria, IL 61614
(309) 692-5692

Brimfield Bank

Brimfield Bank has been in service for over 100 years. The bank is well-known for its mortgage deals and low interest rates. Moreover, obtaining a loan is relatively easier and thus saves you a large amount of time. Brimfield Bank is one of the flexible home mortgage lenders in Peoria, IL.

Brimfield Bank offers flexible loan programs for the first time home buyer. Some of the loans it offers include Jumbo loans, VA, FHA, conventional financing-fixed or ARM and more. Since the bank’s rates are low, a number of individuals are taking advantage to use equity in their home to modernize or add on their existing home.

Brimfield Bank
123 E. Knoxville Avenue
Brimfield, IL 61517

F&M Bank

F&M Bank is not only reputable, but also provides a wide range of mortgage loans, such as fixed tate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, first time home buyer programs, construction loans and more. Fixed rate mortgages are suitable for people who want a stable, consistent mortgage payment for easy budgeting.

Some of the loans F&M Bank provides include Federal Housing Authority loans (FHA), Veterans Administration loans (VA), and conventional financing. F&M Bank has first time homebuyer program that play an important role to get rid of financial problems for first time home buyers. This program come with low interest rates, reduced down payment, reduced closing costs and flexible terms.

The Peoria office of F&M Bank is located at:
F&M Bank
4900 N. Glen Park Place, Suite A
Peoria, IL 61614

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Find The Best Selection of Bush Hog Parts at German Bliss

Finding a legitimate, reputable, and trustworthy Bush Hog parts dealer on the web is not always easy. However now, consider your search over.

Having recently unveiled its new online parts department, German Bliss has quickly become one of the most trusted and leading suppliers of Bush Hog parts online. Since the dealer opened their new online store, it has cultivated a strong reputation among Bush Hog equipment owners.

German Bliss started decades ago as a locally focused dealer of lawn mowers, tractors, landscaping equipment, and other earth moving machines. With constant growth fueled by impeccable products, amazing customer service, and timely delivery, the company expanded operations to now having three locations throughout central Illinois, in addition to now operating one of the most comprehensive online parts stores.

Today, the German Bliss website is popular source for the best selection of Bush Hog mower parts, tiller parts, mower blades, backhoe parts and much more.

Why Trust German Bliss for Bush Hog Parts?

German Bliss has around 40 years of experience in the industry. The company gained lots of reputation from the public because of helping customers by knowing their needs. The needs of customers are different. Some are in search for replacement parts of their Bush Hog flail mower. Some customers are searching for new Kubota tractor. Whatever may be the needs of customers, they can expect timely and respectful support and services from German Bliss, which is the backbone behind this company.

Unlike the other start-ups and small businesses, German Bliss has grown as Peoria Area equipment company. Now, the company is operating in 3 locations in central Illinois. Now, it has a new online parts store too. However, the real reasons for choosing German Bliss for all your online Bush Hog parts needs are:
  • Secure online product ordering
  • Expediate shipping options
  • Comprehensive selections of online Bush Hog parts
  • Obsolete parts are available for old Bush Hog equipment
  • Incredible customer service and support

A Myriad Bush Hog Replacement Parts

This online store can provide you Bush Hog mower, backhoe parts, tiller and much more. Besides Bush Hog mowers, you will also get replacement parts for huge range of Bush Hog equipment, which include:
  • Bush Hog Backhoe parts
  • Bush Hog All purpose plow parts
  • Bush Hog Bush Hog parts for peanut, combines and edible beans
  • Bush Hog Multi spindle rigid deck mowers
  • Bush Hog Flex wing cutter parts
  • Bush Hog Flail mower parts
  • Bush Hog mower blades
  • Bush Hog Boom Mower parts
  • Bush Hog Finishing mower parts
  • Bush Hog Pulverizer and plugger parts
  • Bush Hog Chipper and shredder parts
  • Bush Hog Box blade parts
  • Bush Hog Hay mower and Hay rake parts

Want more? See all Bush Hog parts at the German Bliss parts store.

German Bliss team can realize the importance of replacement parts and the extend of hindrance it might cause to the business of customers and the other public utility requirements. The dedicated parts suppliers can deliver the equipment before or on-time. As a responsible dealer, German Bliss never fails in terms of its commitment in timely delivery of products.

If the specific equipment or part is out of stock, German Bliss provides the parts to the customers within the time frame of maximum one business day. So, the customers need not stop their business due to the failure of utility machinery and vehicles.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The website of German Bliss contains details of most commonly used replacement parts. But, if a customer is not able to match the exact part manufacturer and model number, the customer can contact the German Bliss team via email or telephone. The customer care support team of German Bliss is efficient in dealing with the requirements of every user patiently. So, the customers can enjoy utmost satisfaction.

German Bliss and parts dealer team always strive hard to build-up long term relationship with customers. So, they provide safe and secure equipment and parts to the customers. This is the reason, German Bliss has emerged as the most demanded, trustworthy and popular online store for replacement parts.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

5 Ways to Stay Fit in Peoria

Fitness is not something that requires a load of hard effort and time. You can remain fit by following some dietary guidelines, by doing regular exercise, staying hydrated, and keep active and moving throughout your day.

For those in the Peoria Area, there are a number of fitness programs as well as fitness centers available. Below we share some information about these opportunities and programs, including some tips to help you stay fit in Peoria, Illinois.

Peoria Area Fitness Programs & Classes

You will get wide options in Peoria that meet your interests and fitness goals. Here are the names of the some fitness programs and fitness centers in Peoria that you can use to get a fit body.

1. Eastside Fitness Club: It provides all the facilities for building a healthy body. It gives both indoor and outdoor training and uses developed technologies for achieving the purpose.

2. Turbo-Kick: This group class gives training for a healthy heart and body. It gives physical training and conduct yoga classes for the benefits of the people of the Peoria.

3. Silver Sneakers Fitness Program: This fitness program of the Eastside Center offers packages and plans for fitness. It provides fitness plans for all categories of people even for disabled and also who are in medical care. This program includes different types of exercises and yoga classes.

4. HITT: High Intensity Interval training is a group class program that follows a strict training procedure to burn the excess fat and also to increase metabolism. If you are young and ready to sweat then you can choose this training class for getting fitness.

A good combination of diet and any of the fitness programs can help you to achieve a fit body and mind. In addition to these options we mention above, also consider finding personal training in East Peoria, IL where their are a host of great trainers willing to help individuals of all walks of life. Below we offers some tips and insights on how to best pursue the new and more fit you.

Regularly Exercise

Regular exercise is required for a healthy body. Walking is also good. If you walk for thirty minutes every day, it will help you to maintain your body and also to achieve fitness. If you like running then you can go for it as it helps in blood circulation, cures breathing problems and mostly makes your heart healthy.

Don't Skip Breakfast

People usually give less importance on breakfast. In the morning hour, they find it hard to manage time to prepare a healthy breakfast and just skip it. This is not a healthy habit and creates health complications. Consider to have milk and some fruits in breakfast as your body needs food after a night gap.

Drink Plenty of Water

This is important to stay hydrated. Water is required for good digestion and also maintaining a good health. Water is considered good for having a glowing and healthy skin. Cold water in the morning will also boost your metabolism and thus kick start your fat burning machine.

Learn to Love Fruits & Vegetables

You need to include some healthy foods in your diet to get a fit body such as nuts, garlic, spinach, olive oil, omega oil, orange, beans and some other raw fruits. You should also avoid meat, junk food and consider replacing these foods with plant-based sources of protein, fish, or eggs.

Eat Smaller Meals

Do not follow the strict three meals principles. This habit makes you consume more. Take small meals within the gap of four hours to stay fit. This keeps your stomach small and makes you feel fuller sooner with less food. It's difficult practice for some, but will help you avoid over-eating.

More Ways to Pursue Fitness in Peoria, IL

In addition to all these ideas, you can also go to some of the local fitness centers in Peoria and can join some fitness programs. One of the best options among Peoria fitness centers is Eastside Centre located in East Peoria. There they offer a wealth of exercise and fitness classes, ranging from Yoga and Zumba to High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) and Spinning classes. Learn more by visiting website of one of the top fitness centers in Peoria, IL at

Seico Security: Peoria's Choice for Security Products & Technology

For over 4 decades, SEICO has continuously retained its the position for being one of the most reliable banking security products provider within the US. One of the reasons why the company has successfully been in business since 1972, is due to the unique approach that they utilize when it comes to the deployment of their security systems.

Unlike other companies that provide equipment for financial institutions, almost every security system that SEICO offers is customized to meet the needs of the customer's individual security requirement, in regards to communication and equipment needs. Said in simple terms, regardless of the size of the establishment that wishes to install a technologically advanced and more importantly reliable, banking security system, bank owners can be rest assured that they can receive affordable, security systems without a compromise on quality.

The type of security product that you may need, is entirely dependent on the size of your establishment. However, regardless of this fact, SEICO can assist you when it comes to the implementation of a wide array of security systems and advanced products.

Technologically Advanced ATM Security Systems

As criminals continuously strive to enhance their craft, SEICO continuously strives to outmaneuver them. As such, in addition to the fact that they engineer their ATM security systems to consist of intrusion and hold-up systems to protect the carriers, each system contains a digital video security feature as well.

Bank Safes And Vaults

One of the other differences that sets SEICO apart is the fact that each client gains the opportunity to customize their vault to their exact needs. For example, pre-existing facilities can acquire locks, safe-deposit box, vault doors and cabinets as well. As far as newly established facilities goes, SEICO can deploy a modular pre-formed Hamilton vault, that is UL fire-rated yet, affordable as far as installation costs. They offer a wide spectrum of safes, vaults, and vault doors for sale at great prices.

Data Capture With Video 
digital security systems peoria il

Based on the fact that identity theft is at an all time high, SEICO understands the increasing fraud related challenges that financial institutions face on a daily basis. As such, SEICO keeps a variety of bank security specialists on standby that can provide you with a wealth of information about the video and data integration systems that they have to offer, such as a data interface, that will essentially give you the ability, to mine your security systems data and link it to related events via video images. Meaning that, you can easily match the photo of an individual to a specific transaction which can prove to be an invaluable tool for law enforcement officials.

License Plate Camera Capture System

Additionally, SEICO has seen a surge in fraud related drive-up transactions that have stability been increasing. To combat this, they offer license plate camera capture systems as well. Things that are off an electric nature are prone to intrusion from dubious individuals who know how to thwart electrical systems.

Mechanical Walk/Drive-Up Depositories

Therefore, SEICO offers walk-up and drive-up Hamilton depositories that are mechanical in nature. This essentially significantly minimizes the chance that someone can override the depositories and, since it is not electric, service is non existent.

This is just a fraction of some of the security systems and security products that Seico has to offer. Some of the other products that they have to offer, include but aren't limited to:
  • Drive-up and walk-up audio systems
  • Under counter cabinetry.
  • Bank safe deposit boxes
  • CCTV System
  • Insulation for areas that contain important documents

Address & Contact Information:
SEICO Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

Monday, September 14, 2015

Best Triathlon in Illinois: Top 3 Picks from Triathletes

The state of Illinois hosts a wide range of triathlons all throughout the year. From indoor triathlons in early January to scenic half Ironman distance triathlons in early and late summer, you'll be sure to find a number of great triathlons in Illinois that cater to your fitness level and racing style.

Even for new emerging athletes new to the sport of triathlon, attending or volunteering at some of these events area a great way to learn more about the sport, connect with triathlon coaches in Illinois as well as the local triathlon community in the area.

Although we could probably list about 10 top-rated triathlons in Illinois, we decided to pinpoint three of the most popular that cater to triathletes of all walks of life. Whether you're looking to go long or keep it at the sprint distance level, below are three of the best triathlons in Illinois.

Cutting Edge Half Classic Triathlon

Effingham, Illinois Lake Sara Beach

As the ideal warm-up for triathletes looking to prepare for Ironman Louisville or Ironman Wisconsin, the Cutting Edge Half Classic Triathlon is super fast half-Ironman course that very spectator friendly as well as PR friendly. Designed around beautiful Lake Sara Beach, this Illinois triathlon is a must for an early season long course race to get your bearing.

Cutting Edge Half Classic Triathlon
Swim 1.2 Miles, Bike 56 Miles, Run 13.1 Miles

Get more information about this half Ironman distance triathlon in Illinois at

Trifecta Triathlons

Keyesport, Illinois (Keyesport Recreation Area)

The Trifecta Triathlons, consisting of two different sprint distance races and two youth races, take place in early August at the Keyesport Recreation Area. Coined “A Tri for All” The Trifecta Triathlons are located on beautiful Carlyle Lake. There are plenty of opportunities for speed as this flat rural bike course and residential run course offer a forgiving course for your next PR.

Trifecta Super Sprint
Swim 250 Meters, Bike 10 Miles, Run 2 Miles
Trifecta Long Sprint
Swim 500 Meters, Bike 20 Miles, Run 4 Miles
Trifecta Kid's Sprint
Swim 25 Meters, Bike 2 Miles, Run .5 Miles
Trifecta Youth Sprint
Swim 50 Meters, Bike 4 Miles, Run 1 Miles

Get more information on one of the top triathlons in Illinois, the Trifecta Triathlons, at

Great Illini Challenge Triathlon

Neoga, Illinois (Mattoon Beach - Lake Mattoon)

Usually held in the first week of September, the Great Illini Challenge Triathlon is one of the top triathlons in Illinois. Offering both an Olympic and Half-Ironman distance triathlon, the Great Illini Challenge Triathlon has a cap of 400 participants, so sign up early. Offering a new smooth and rolling bike course and lake-side run course, this Illinois triathlon is ideal for every level of athlete.

Great Illini Challenge Olympic Triathlon
Swim 1500 Meters, Bike 24.9 Miles, Run 6.2 Miles

Great Illini Challenge Half Distance Triathlon
Triathlon : Swim 1.2 Miles, Bike 56 Miles, Run 13.1 Miles

For more information about this top Illinois triathlon, visit

Do you have any epic triathlons in Illinois worth sharing? Please let us know in the comments below. For more information on triathlon training, coaching, and resources, visit, or for more Illinois triathlons, visit

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Local Dealer Makes a Play at Online Sales

The hassle of going into a store just to find out that the store doesn't carry the specific equipment replacement part which you require is always a devastating one. There is a company based out of central Illinois is trying to change that.

German Bliss has three locations as well as an online store. The online store caters to everyone around the world, trying to relive the frustration of going into a store and not being able to find what you wanted.

German Bliss is expanding into online sales for replacement parts which include components for tractors, excavators, as well as many other vehicles. The company is expanding its business by delving into the online market place, and is trying to be one of the first few businesses in it's field to embark on this journey.

Helping Individuals Get What They Need, Fast

At German Bliss, they understand that time is money, and the quicker the replacement part arrives, the faster the owners are able to get their equipment back into action. If German Bliss does not have the specific requested part in stock, they can request it directly from the manufacturer. The requested part or parts would then be received within less than one business day. Owners of these specialized equipment are able to find the store when they require new parts.

Since German Bliss has been providing service to Central Illinois for more than 70 years, they've decided that the reliability as a trusted dealer should be brought to the rest of the world. Therefore, in addition to being the local source of lawn mowers and repair in Peoria, IL, German Bliss decided that opening an online shop as a premier online parts dealer was the best route to take in growing their business.

Incredible Customer Service & Support

The automation which is done through the website makes receiving requests as well as fulfilling orders much quicker due to direct communication. This is much better than dealing with a person on the phone, and mixing up orders. With orders done online, it is almost guaranteed that the right parts are delivered and the parts will be delivered swiftly.

The company is constantly striving to bring the best service possible to all users, that's why online sales was created. German Bliss believes that many companies don't have the time to take an hour to drive down to the store to order or pick up a part. The introduction of an online store saves everyone time as well as money. These innovative ideas are slowly paving the way to create a better business, as well as user experiences.

A Role Model Among Local Peoria Businesses

German Bliss' online store is not just another store front, it's an expansion of the business. The business is seeing growth, yet serving the people at the same time. Overall, the online store is trying to provide users with ease of ordering replacement parts for equipment, as well as to save users time and money.

Sending out replacement parts within a few business days, as well as providing customers with safe and secure ordering. These are just some of the amazing factors which helps make German Bliss a premier online parts dealer for a wide range of equipment.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Nerds on Call of Peoria Now Offers RC Drones for Sale

Nerds on Call, a local business located in central Illinois that's well known for computer and technology solutions, has just unveiled its new inventory of RC drones for sale.

Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, Nerds on Call offer drones for sale at its five locations (address and contact info is below) in Pekin, Farmington, Peru, Bloomington/Normal and of course, Peoria. The company is excited to announce that it is selling different models of RC drones for sale (many of which are drones with cameras at affordable prices.

For instance, the Syma X5C drone is now available with a full package of propellers, batteries, a charger, an adapter, and 2 GB SD card. This drone, which is outlined in greater detail below, also has a 2MP camera that captures breathtaking photographs from above. Scope out the various RC drones for sale at Nerds on Call by visiting

RC Drones for Sale at Nerds on Call

The company offers different models of drones, many at affordable prices. Some of the major models of drones include the following:

Syma X5C Drone - This is an exquisitely unique model that allows users to experience exciting flying adventures. It is available at a cost of around $65.00 with exclusive packages such as batteries, adapter, SD card, camera and a charger. This model is light but solidly built. This model is available at Pekin and Peoria stores. It also comes with a set of propeller guards and usb charger. It is an amazing drone with its remote control.

Syma X11 Drone - This is another great model of drone that is also available at affordable cost of around $49.99. It comes with a pack of 4 batteries and a charger that will cost an additional $39.99. This drone is well balanced and built strongly just like the x5 model.

Syma X12 Drone - This is the cheapest model that only cost around $39.99.It comes just like the other versions of the drones. It is available all the five locations of the company. It comes with an instruction manual and other important features that facilitates easy flying adventures.

Also, Nerd on Call offers customers at "First Crash Guarantee" on the latter products. To learn more visit the website or stop in at one of their locations below.

Find Drones at Nerds on Call Near You

Contact or visit a Nerds on Call location near for more information about their inventory of drones for sale:

Nerds on Call Peoria, IL
4906 N. University
Peoria, IL 61614
(309) 689-3900

Nerds on Call Pekin, IL
2103 Court St.
Pekin, IL 61554
(309) 353-4727

Nerds on Call Farmington, IL
10 N. East St.
Farmington, IL 61531
(309) 245-4357

Nerds on Call Peru, IL
4325 State Route 251
Peru, IL 61354
(815) 223-3800

Nerds on Call Normal, IL
1700 Parkway Plaza
Normal, IL 61761
(309) 451-9600

Nerds on Call is a trusted business with an honest reputation in the central Illinois. You can be assured that when you buy drones for sale, you'll get an incredible coupled with great support.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Unique Points of Interest in East Peoria, Illinois

Located in Central Illinois, East Peoria is not only abundant in rich soil and natural resources (because of its prime location,) but it's also a hot-belt of culture, diversity, and fun things to do.

From the early Indians to its present suburban manufacturing community, East Peoria, with its rich plains, scenic hills and abundant waterways, has grown and prospered. Now, this little town across the river from Peoria, IL is not only known for being home to the world-renowned Caterpillar Company, but it is also being discovered by tourist for its shopping, entertainment and great food.

East Peoria is proving that it has something to offer to everyone from age 4 to 94 - must-go destination for locals and visitors alike. Here are just a few highlights that one should not miss when visiting this beautiful town:

Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights began in 1985, when the economy and spirits were down. In an effort to turn the mood around, the community came together to create something beautiful. East Peoria's Festival of Lights celebration soon became a yearly tradition.

30 years later, the Festival of Lights has become the pride of East Peoria. With its bright lights and colorfully creative displays, it still delights and amaze everyone in the family like it did on that first night in 1985. It's certainly one of the best options when visiting East Peoria in late November.

East Port Marina

Located along the Illinois Route 116, East Port Marina is one of the area’s well known destinations. Besides tourists, boaters find it a welcome and relaxing stop between April and October each year. The port offers shopping, dining and entertainment. For boaters, it also offers restrooms, showers and laundry facilities, as well as gas and diesel pumping stations.

Notable Destinations in East Peoria

  • Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino - The city’s own riverboat casino, where one can stay and play on the water. Whether one is a serious player or just seeking a unique entertainment experience, the Par-A-Dice Hotel is definitely a place to go.
  • Fon du Lac Park District - Where one can enjoy 1,600 boundless acres of parks, riverfront and trails. The Fon du Lac Park District also features two golf courses, a scenic marina and a natural campground.
  • EastSide Centre - the city’s premier sports complex, which hosts national, state and regional and local sports tournaments from softball, baseball, volleyball, soccer and track. It also features sports fields, basketball courts, a splash park and a fitness center.

For the Foodies

East Peoria also offers great dining, even to the unassuming foodie.
  • East Peoria Farmer’s Market - Located on the pedestrian promenade in the Levee District. It offers fresh produce, great wine and hot-out-of-the-oven fresh baked goods. This family-friendly tradition is a favorite stop for locals.
  • Burger Barge - Although, referred to as a “dive”, it has consistently been a local favorite and has won awards for its burger.
  • Jonah’s Seafood - This house that Jonah built, proudly states that it has the Best Seafood in East Peoria. From the widespread consensus as evident on review sites, such as, they are undisputedly correct.
  • Granite City Food and Brewery - Boasts awards nationwide for Best Restaurant, Best Brunch, Best Patio, Best Beer, Best Martini, Best Burger, and more.
As one can see, there are many local points of interest and things to do in East Peoria. This little town across the Illinois River has definitely grown to be a world-class destination. Come visit and see for yourself.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Five Senses Spa and Salon Acclaimed Top 200 Salon by Salon Today Magazine

Peoria, IL (December 2014) - Five Senses Spa and Salon has been proudly named a 2014 Top 200 Salon in North America by Salon Today. Salon Today magazine is a leading business publication for spa and salon owners that represent 25,000 Salons operated in North America.

For Five Senses Spa and Salon, being selected from the avalanche of rival competitors is a big honor, but one that didn't just come by because the day spa and hair salon has shown remarkable and continued achievement since it was opened in 2006.

Salon Today uses specific criteria to select which salons make it to the Top 200 List annually. For any Spa to be considered, it must have been in business in North America before 1st January 2011. The spa must also be a provider of salon-related services at a professional level; this includes hair, nail, skin care or body care.

Additionally, any North American spa and salon wanting to be on the list should also have generated over $250,000 every year after 2011. The hair salon owners must also have completed a statistical survey on the best practices category and, lastly, provided documented proof if they may have participated in the planned profitability or growth categories.

Five Senses Spa and Salon managed to score high marks in a number of areas. First, they have shown exemplary management and leadership skills for the past 7 years they have been in business. Secondly, the beauty spa provides the best working environment for its employees who are more than contented to come to work every day.

Five Senses Spa and Salon also stood out in offering unforgettable experiences to their clients; both regulars and newcomers. Lastly, the beauty Spa was also commended for their annual corporate social responsibility or best practices; not only does the spa business practice environment mindful behavior when serving clients, they are also known to be great philanthropists.

This is the second time, consecutively, that Five Senses Spa and Salon are happy to be ranked in the prestigious Top 200 list. Other salons that made it to the list in 2014 include Aura Salon & Day Spa (Scottsdale, AZ), Blo (Raleigh, NC), Fringe (Maplewood, NJ), Gary Patrick Salon (Pleasanton, CA), Center Salon and Spa (Arvada, CA) and Interlocks (Newburyport, MA)...just to mention a few.

With receiving twice the recognition in excellent customer service and leadership, Five Senses Spa and Salon can only stare at a brighter future. The team at Five Senses Spa also showed their appreciation to their loyal clients, for continued support and positive reviews, on their social media platforms and official website. To learn more visit the address or contact:

Five Senses Spa and Salon
7719 N Grand Prairie Drive
Peoria, IL 61615
Phone: (309) 693-7719

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