Monday, January 19, 2015

Five Senses Spa and Salon Acclaimed Top 200 Salon by Salon Today Magazine

Peoria, IL (December 2014) - Five Senses Spa and Salon has been proudly named a 2014 Top 200 Salon in North America by Salon Today. Salon Today magazine is a leading business publication for spa and salon owners that represent 25,000 Salons operated in North America.

For Five Senses Spa and Salon, being selected from the avalanche of rival competitors is a big honor, but one that didn't just come by because the day spa and hair salon has shown remarkable and continued achievement since it was opened in 2006.

Salon Today uses specific criteria to select which salons make it to the Top 200 List annually. For any Spa to be considered, it must have been in business in North America before 1st January 2011. The spa must also be a provider of salon-related services at a professional level; this includes hair, nail, skin care or body care.

Additionally, any North American spa and salon wanting to be on the list should also have generated over $250,000 every year after 2011. The hair salon owners must also have completed a statistical survey on the best practices category and, lastly, provided documented proof if they may have participated in the planned profitability or growth categories.

Five Senses Spa and Salon managed to score high marks in a number of areas. First, they have shown exemplary management and leadership skills for the past 7 years they have been in business. Secondly, the beauty spa provides the best working environment for its employees who are more than contented to come to work every day.

Five Senses Spa and Salon also stood out in offering unforgettable experiences to their clients; both regulars and newcomers. Lastly, the beauty Spa was also commended for their annual corporate social responsibility or best practices; not only does the spa business practice environment mindful behavior when serving clients, they are also known to be great philanthropists.

This is the second time, consecutively, that Five Senses Spa and Salon are happy to be ranked in the prestigious Top 200 list. Other salons that made it to the list in 2014 include Aura Salon & Day Spa (Scottsdale, AZ), Blo (Raleigh, NC), Fringe (Maplewood, NJ), Gary Patrick Salon (Pleasanton, CA), Center Salon and Spa (Arvada, CA) and Interlocks (Newburyport, MA)...just to mention a few.

With receiving twice the recognition in excellent customer service and leadership, Five Senses Spa and Salon can only stare at a brighter future. The team at Five Senses Spa also showed their appreciation to their loyal clients, for continued support and positive reviews, on their social media platforms and official website. To learn more visit the address or contact:

Five Senses Spa and Salon
7719 N Grand Prairie Drive
Peoria, IL 61615
Phone: (309) 693-7719

You can also connect with the Peoria spa and salon on Google+ and Facebook.

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