Thursday, July 9, 2015

Local Dealer Makes a Play at Online Sales

The hassle of going into a store just to find out that the store doesn't carry the specific equipment replacement part which you require is always a devastating one. There is a company based out of central Illinois is trying to change that.

German Bliss has three locations as well as an online store. The online store caters to everyone around the world, trying to relive the frustration of going into a store and not being able to find what you wanted.

German Bliss is expanding into online sales for replacement parts which include components for tractors, excavators, as well as many other vehicles. The company is expanding its business by delving into the online market place, and is trying to be one of the first few businesses in it's field to embark on this journey.

Helping Individuals Get What They Need, Fast

At German Bliss, they understand that time is money, and the quicker the replacement part arrives, the faster the owners are able to get their equipment back into action. If German Bliss does not have the specific requested part in stock, they can request it directly from the manufacturer. The requested part or parts would then be received within less than one business day. Owners of these specialized equipment are able to find the store when they require new parts.

Since German Bliss has been providing service to Central Illinois for more than 70 years, they've decided that the reliability as a trusted dealer should be brought to the rest of the world. Therefore, in addition to being the local source of lawn mowers and repair in Peoria, IL, German Bliss decided that opening an online shop as a premier online parts dealer was the best route to take in growing their business.

Incredible Customer Service & Support

The automation which is done through the website makes receiving requests as well as fulfilling orders much quicker due to direct communication. This is much better than dealing with a person on the phone, and mixing up orders. With orders done online, it is almost guaranteed that the right parts are delivered and the parts will be delivered swiftly.

The company is constantly striving to bring the best service possible to all users, that's why online sales was created. German Bliss believes that many companies don't have the time to take an hour to drive down to the store to order or pick up a part. The introduction of an online store saves everyone time as well as money. These innovative ideas are slowly paving the way to create a better business, as well as user experiences.

A Role Model Among Local Peoria Businesses

German Bliss' online store is not just another store front, it's an expansion of the business. The business is seeing growth, yet serving the people at the same time. Overall, the online store is trying to provide users with ease of ordering replacement parts for equipment, as well as to save users time and money.

Sending out replacement parts within a few business days, as well as providing customers with safe and secure ordering. These are just some of the amazing factors which helps make German Bliss a premier online parts dealer for a wide range of equipment.


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