Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Peoria Area Tech Company Now Offers Web Design & Software Development

As Facet Technologies, Inc. continues to grow as one of Illinois’ top most respected IT companies, the company is continuously coming up with new ways to meet customer demands. Facet Tech's most recent services being web design/development and software development.
Facet Tech Web Development Peoria IL

By recruiting some of the most talented professionals for graphic design, software development, and web development in Peoria, IL, the company is growing the core competencies beyond simply IT solutions. With its new offering in website and software solutions, Facet Tech has become a multi-faceted company whose goal is to deliver value to its clients in more than one way.

Website Design & Development

The company now offers reliable and affordable web design and development services to businesses in Peoria as well as the greater state of Illinois. Equipped with highly experienced and adaptive IT consultants that understand customers’ needs, Facet now has the ability to design and develop cutting-edge websites which are:
  • Functional & Responsive Website
  • Completely Customized Website Design & Development
  • Mobile-friendly Web Design
  • SEO-friendly Website Development
  • Land Page Design & Specialized Web Development
Web Design Peoria IL

Software Development

With the changes businesses are introducing in order to stay ahead of competition, Facet Tech has introduced software development services for businesses. By going step by step with businesses in the development stages of the software, companies are able to enjoy a final software product that not only enhances their efficiency and effectiveness, but are also guaranteed that the software developed can meet their consumers’ needs and wants.

Business IT Support

Additionally, having been in service for over 25 years, Facet Tech clearly understands the business IT support needs of large, medium and small enterprises within Central Illinois and the greater Peoria area. Thus, the company is ready to help businesses overcome their technology associated problems. If the business is facing technological issues, the highly skilled and experienced staff can provide support within the shortest time possible. Thus, they have become unrivalled in the industry due to their combination of creativity, versatility and expertise.

Business & Home Automation

Since there is a growing need for business and home automation, Facet also offers these services to ensure that businesses stay ahead with their technology in terms of entertainment and functionality. Further, the ability to offer turn-key automation with the touch of a single complete control gives users an involving and satisfying experience.

IT Consulting & Staffing

In a bid to ensure that businesses are able to promote their company’s general business and enhance their profits, Facet also offers IT consulting and staffing. Towards this end, Facet helps businesses implement their advanced IT consulting programs to ensure businesses are ready for future changes. More so, the inclusion of IT staffing services helps businesses recruit the right talent for their company’s in-house IT workforce.

Computer Repair Services

With its sister company Nerds on Call, Facet Tech also offers computer repair and maintenance services. Their expertise in both consumer and product related services has helped clients stay contented and happy while running their affairs. Businesses need not worry about repairs any more as Facet takes care of all the computer hardware issues by offering professional and timely computer repair and virus removal services. Learn more the company's computer repair solutions by visiting

The company has also partnered with some of the top most reputable organizations in the world such as Apple, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and Toshiba. This means that Facet can solve all computer-related issues quick and effectively thereby saving businesses time. With its many other services such as remote and on-site computer repair, computer optimization and virus removal services for boosting performance, consumers can know that they are in good hands with Facet Tech for their technological needs.

Facet Tech Web Design Development PeoriaFor more information, contact the company or stop in at their Pekin, IL address at:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street,
Pekin, IL 61554