Friday, May 20, 2016

Top 3 Sports Chiropractors in the Peoria Area

Sports Chiropractors in Peoria IL
Due to constant impact and musculoskeletal fatigue that athletes tend to experience, chiropractic care from a specialized chiropractor can provide incredible relief and recovery benefits. Athletes tend to suffer from muscles aches, joint pain and stiffness,and inflammation in various parts of the body, including the back, neck, feet, knees, and hamstrings, to mention a few.

In Peoria, there are a few chiropractors and specialized practices that address the specific needs of athletes. Below we profile the top three sports chiropractors in the Peoria area.

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic Peoria Illinois
Eastside Wellness Chiropractic is a well-versed chiropractic center based in Creve Coeur, just outside of Peoria, IL. Eastside Wellness Chiropractic represents a professional and dynamic team of highly qualified and certified wellness experts with immense experience. When it comes to athletes, this practice hosts some of the top sports chiropractors in Peoria, IL.

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic treats a wide range of musculoskeletal issues, and some of their patients include injured professional athletes and sports hobbyists. They have a wide range of chiropractic care specializations, with some of their most effective techniques including ART, DNS, CFD, the McKenzie Method, Impulse Adjusting Technique, exercise, and nutrition.

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic
351 Rusche St,
Creve Coeur, IL 61610

Visit the official site of Eastside Wellness Chiropractic.

Peoria Chiropractic
Peoria Chiropractic

Some of the approaches of Peoria Chiropractic include manipulation and adjustments, X-rays, decompression, electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercise and much more.

One of most highly-sought specializations of Peoria Chiropractic for athletes is the Electrical Muscle Stimulation, which soft tissue injuries and muscle spasms by passing an electrical current through the affected parts to relieve tension. They also offer therapeutic exercise training in conjunction with diet education, which can be key in improving athletic performance and providing treatment for common musculoskeletal sports-related problems.

Peoria Chiropractic
901 West Glen Avenue
Peoria, IL 61614

Learn more about Peoria Chiropractic.

Synergy Healthcare & Sports Facility

Among other forms of chiropractic treatment, Synergy Healthcare specializes in a number of sports chiropractic techniques and can be a reliable facility for athletes.

Synergy Healthcare & Sports Facility Chiropractors Peoria ILThe specializations of Synergy Healthcare & Sports Facility focus on improving performance, flexibility and bettering the range of motion joints for sports injuries patients. Another good thing about this facility is that they provide personalized treatment options that suit’s the sports injury patient’s specific condition.

Synergy Healthcare & Sports Facility
350 Cimmeron Drive
East Peoria, IL

Learn more about Synergy Healthcare & Sports Facility.


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