Landscaping Equipment & Lawn Mowers Peoria IL

German Bliss is proud to offer it's Peoria-central Illinois customers product solutions beyond just landscaping equipment and lawn mower sales. German Bliss also provides rental program, maintenance solutions and repair services on various products such as lawn mowers, landscaping equipment, construction equipment and types of tractors. They invite you to contact them to learn how they can help meet your needs.

At German Bliss, they are proud to have been servicing the central Illinois region with amazing services. And now these new departments will allow them to expand their services provision, expanding the clients base while having more satisfied customers.

Supporting Customers in Peoria & Throughout Central Illinois

This transition came after giving some thought to new market possibilities, where they saw a way to diversify and satisfy other different needs that their clients have. Since they had already have been selling tractors and lawn mowers, they decided to also establish a repair facility to make their customers come back and have highly qualified technicians to help them get their products fixed.

So now when their customers face any problems with their tractors or repair lawn mowers in Peoria, IL, they can give them a call to appoint a visit to bring their products in, or just appoint a visit to their place where they can repair equipment on the spot. They can also take the time to stop by so the company can have a look at their equipment. Many times it's just a little something that they can out of courtesy just give a touch.

Visit the address or contact the company at:

German--Bliss Equipment Inc.
215 Fairlane Dr
East Peoria, IL
(309) 694-3700

Peoria's Source for Lawn Mowers for Sale

Don't forget to also browse through their new selection of products with the latest tractors and lawn mowers. You'll be amazed at the new products that are available and payable through all major credit cards. If you need financing, German Bliss can always discuss which are the best financing options that other clients are using.

But if you just want lawn mowers or tractors for a while, you can rent them in the store. You can rent for either 24 hours or for longer periods of time. If you have an established account with them, you'll have more benefits while making your rental, such as reduced fees and rates, among many other perks that they offer to their faithful clients.

Recognized for Quality Custom Services & Support

German Bliss is an established business in central Illinois and have a solid reputation. You can just ask anyone and they'll let you know that German Bliss has been servicing the region for many years. This is a good validation that their services are right for you and that you'll get treated like a superstar.

Get in touch with them today through the website or phone and talk about the many solutions available for you. They can help you choose new products to buy or just to rent. This since they can assess your construction or lawn mowing company to make the best purchases of hardware and equipment. Their many years of experience have served many clients and helped them achieve their goals with their lawn mower or tractor equipment and hardware choices. Now you can too. They also accept all major credit cards and are available throughout the week to answer all your inquiries.


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