N8 Touch Massage Bloomington IL

Seeking the top center for massage therapy in Bloomington, IL? If so, then look no further than N8 Touch Massage, one of the leading and most reputable locations for massage in Bloomington and the surrounding central Illinois area.

What makes N8 Touch Massage unique from other Bloomington massage centers are the therapists, the atmosphere, and the affordability. In addition to offering a plethora of exceptional quality massage treatments, N8 Touch Massage offers some of the lowest massage in Bloomington, IL.

Unlike other massage centers in Bloomington, Illinois, N8 Touch Massage provides a wide range options. Whether you need a quick lunch hour chair massage to work-out the kinks in your neck or a full 90 minute Swedish massage to unwind and relax, the massage therapists of N8 Touch Massage are specialized in a wide range of treatment options.

Affordable Massage Therapy in Bloomington, IL

We all know that great massages are not cheap. This can deter many individuals from getting a quality massage that they need. At N8 Touch Massage in Bloomington, IL, the massage therapists of the company strive to offer affordable massage treatments that don't break the bank.

For instance, new customers can take advantage of a 60 minute table massage for under $40. This option alone can relief tightness and tension throughout the neck, and help promote a better moving system all throughout the body.

Experienced Massage Therapists in Bloomington, IL

That's not all that N8 Touch Massage provides its Bloomington, IL customer base. Also among the introductory offers is a $8 15-minute chair massage. The monthly membership program is the best deal, as it offers regular customers a monthly 60-minute massage for $38, or four 15-minute chair massages per month for the same price. If you're seeking a regular massage treatment in Bloomington, IL, then N8 Touch Massage offers the best bang for the buck.

N8 Touch Massage also offers loyalty programs to its clients, offering incentives that can be earned over time. Clients can sign-up to become members, and after accumulating enough massage visits, members can take full advantage of rewards.

To learn more, visit:

N8 Touch Massage
2501 East College Avenue
Suite C
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: 309-661-2110
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  2. t is true that the good massages are really expensive and the Bloomington area is already known to be one of the expensivee areas of the country. I am happy to hear about the affordable spa where we can come and have services of chiropractor.