Peoria IL Retirement Communities

Best of Peoria, IL: Retirement Community for Assisted Living

Located just outside of Peoria, IL proper is Snyder Village in Metamora. Based on the reviews and our research, the elderly folks who live in Snyder Village know how to play in Peoria!

Since its inception in 1988, Snyder Village has set out to provide a Christian-based retirement community for the Peoria area. The mission of Snyder Village is to offer the highest quality of assist living, providing for the physical emotional and spiritual needs of its community members.

More Than an Assisted Living Facility, Snyder Village is a Retirement Community 

Unlike more traditional assisted living facilities in the Peoria area, Snyder Village centers on providing a healthy retirement community for senior citizens. This community main goal is to ensure members spend their days peacefully while engaging in several activities.

Snyder Village's retirement community features facilities such as recreation and transport. The main advantage of a retirement community is that the senior citizen has the opportunity to interact with other people of his or her age. These retirement homes have a unique safety feature. The security is tight and you have easy access to medical facilities. At these homes, senior citizens enjoy human interaction and association.

To contact this Peoria, IL retirement community, visit or call:
1200 E. Partridge
Metamora, IL 61548


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